5 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss

Weight Loss – A World Obsession The world is obsessed with weight loss. Some because of health factors and others for cosmetic reasons. No matter the factor, many people try extreme diets that never ever work, severe exercise programs that result in injuries, and other weight loss programs that end without success. The factor that […]

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Videos to Improve Your Health

Health Videos The modern world imposes many health challenges. To combat these we must be on a constant journey to improve and maintain optimal health, to counteract the devastating effects of toxins, to achieve an acceptable level of fitness, and to ward off the many diseases we are confronted with. These videos address these challenges […]

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Exercise In Less Time

Exercise in Less Time

Are You Finding it Difficult to Achieve a Great Workout by Exercising in Less Time? Burst Fitness or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Can Ease Your Workout Pain Let’s face it. Do you really want to go through a whole lot of effort to exercise, take care of your body physically by mustering up the enthusiasm […]

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For Your Convenience

Lovely Site BlogLovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Loving It Up at BlogLovin’ Have You Discovered This Site Yet? Does Bloglovin’ have your favorite blogs? If the blogs have an RSS feed and the blog owners have performed a “Claim It” for their blog, then each one is listed on BlogLovin’. If not, and you know they have […]

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Natural Blood Pressure Aids

High Blood Pressure Might be Lowered Naturally Do you have high blood pressure? Ar you tired of the moderate to downright awful side-effects of the blood pressure medicine your doctor is prescribing? Does it leave you feeling blah? Or maybe your insurance doesn’t cover enough of the monthly bill. Even worse, don’t have medical insurance? Tired […]

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Pure Natural Healing

Do You Feel Like This? You’re at work. You have spent hours at your desk, toiling away. At some point, you realize your back’s become stiff and you have an inexplicable ache all over your body? Your eyes start to become unfocused. And you start to count down the hours, minutes, seconds to “quitting-time-o-clock” and […]

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Typewriter: Old-Style Blogging

Lovin It Up at BlogLovin’ !

Follow my blog with Bloglovin. A Blog Platform that is a Social Site How ingenious is this? A social media site dedicated to bloggers for blogging. Bloglovin’ is designed with awesomeness in mind. As a member of Bloglovin’, you can read all of your favorite blogs in one place to enhance your reading experience and […]

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Child's Pose Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Do you feel like your muscles and spine are just not right? Like something is out of whack? Have you tried Hatha Yoga? Hatha Yoga is a set of poses specifically designed to align the skin, muscles, and bones. By practicing this set of poses, you open up, allowing energy to flow which creates balance, […]

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Yoga Basics For Beginners

Getting Started With Yoga – The Basics

Watch this video to get an idea of just how fulfilling yoga is. As a beginner, yoga is one of the easiest routines to succeed with stretching, strengthening, and peace of mind. Remember, the idea, for beginning fitness is to just get doing something. Yoga is a great base, to begin with! Recommended Resource Yoga […]

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