Burst Fitness

How Just 18 Minutes Guarantees to Help You Lose Weight and Improve Your Physical Condition Without Going to the Gym or Buying Expensive Equipment!

What? 18 minutes? Is it 18 minutes for 4 intervals over about an hour and a half?

No, just 18 TOTAL minutes a day can burn fat, boost your metabolism, build muscle, and allow you to better handle your stressful day.

Have you always been told that you need at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular on the treadmill or stationary bike followed by another 30 minutes of weights? Well, now you only need 18 minutes, start to finish, each day. Halleluyah!

What’s up with the switch?

This new exercise routine is Burst Training. This allows your body to continue working for some time after you are done “bursting”.

Burst Training

Don’t believe it. Well, let me ask you this…are you currently doing 30 minutes of cardio and possibly lifting weights afterward? Are you even making it to the gym or using the expensive workout equipment you bought so you could work out at home?

Probably not, especially if you are reading this. And if you are, do you really like working out that way? Are you going to stick with it over time? Again, probably not. It is stressful and tiring to stick to the routine of making time, usually early, early, early in the morning (before work) or after work for your hour workout. Then you have to go to work and put in a full day. Or you get home late and still have to figure out dinner (for you and your family) plus get ready for work the next day. Do you have an extra hour to hour and a half to spend in your already booked day?

So, 18 TOTAL minutes is probably sounding FANTASTIC right now! Happy emoji.

And that 18 minutes does more for your health than your long workout since it is not signaling your body to store fat…yes, those long workouts might actually be forcing your body to store fat.

So, Burst Training

Success with Burst Training


  1. You are only doing the burst and recover portion for a maximum of 12 minutes.
  2. The other 4 to 6 minutes are allocated for warming up and cooling down.
  3. If you are tight on time, the last set in the 4 repetitions—the recover part—can be used as your cool down. It is not recommended to do this for every workout, but a couple times a week is ok.
  4. Within your 4 sets, you can vary how you do them.
    • For example, you can burst up steps and then walk down and up the steps for your recover portion.
    • For the second one, you can burst up the steps 2 at a time and at the top if you have time remaining for your burst you could aggressively jog in place.
    • For your recover portion, you can walk around and with the remaining last 30 seconds walk back down the stairs.

    The goal is to work as hard as you can during the burst, then relax the muscles during the recovery. How you do it is up to you!

  5. Mix up your routines. Your mind won’t be on exercising if you are thinking of creative ways to burst and recover; so before you know it, your 4 sets will be done and you will be cooling down.
  6. Workout for as many days in the week as you can. It is recommended you workout for at least 3 to 4 days.


As you can see, this really is an outstanding method of working out.

  1. 18 minutes from start to finish! AWESOME!
  2. Only a maximum of 12 minutes for the 4 burst and recover sets!
  3. You are doing activities you like!
  4. You don’t have to do the same thing every day!
  5. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment!
  6. You can do this indoors and outdoors, winter, spring, summer, and fall!
  7. You go at your own pace and at your personal level of fitness!
  8. You can do it with friends, your partner, in a group!
  9. IT IS FUN!
  10. “Burst Training” burns fat, builds muscles, boosts your metabolism, and sets you up for a successful day by alleviating stress better than those long workouts at the gym or in your home!

WOW! Look at all those exclamation points. All positive. And associated with exercise!

Can’t wait to start? Need more information? More ideas?

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