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Healthy Living BUD-e!

What is a “Healthy Living Bud-e”?

I think of this as a “Health Helper”.

Before we get going, I want to make it perfectly clear, I am not a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, or any of the other medical professional. I do NOT have any health degrees.

So who am I?

What I Am Not

I am Not Thin * I am Not Fat * I Do Not Have the Best Body Shape * I am Not Perfect

What I Am

I am Somewhat “Plush” * I am Human, with Flaws * I Exercise * I Eat Healthily * I Eat Organic Food whenever Possible * I do Eat Out Sometimes * I am Conscious of What I Put Into My Body * Sometimes, but not Often, I Eat Small Quantities of Comfort Food * I am An Info-Nut Especially about Health * I do My Best to Be Logical * I Make Every Effort to Be Kind and Thoughtful

So Why does a “Not Fat” but “On the Plush Side of Thin” Person Have a Health Blog?

Well despite my somewhat “larger than should be physique”, I conscientiously eat healthy food, find exercise routines that work for my schedule and with my likes, and I make every effort to be kind and helpful. I am mindful of my body as a whole and remain “busy” both physically and mentally.

So I started this health blog to pass on information that has helped me and information that I think would be helpful in particular situations. Information to ease struggles, to make life easier, and to help FEEL and BE healthy and happy.


I became one because I am scared out of my mind with all the negative side-effects of all the prescription drugs on the market! I am horrified that chemicals (like round-up!) are genetically added to our food and this practice is approved by the FDA…REALLY? I am outraged about not only that additives are allowed to be put in our food, mostly to make inferior products taste better, but also the high numbers that are added. These are so unhealthy!

So to further rant…

Prescription Drugs

The medical professionals prescribe these drugs to their clients (patients seems an oxymoron) knowing the laundry list of harmful to fatal side effects. And why? Because the medical professional prescribing the drug receives a monetary payment from the pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs. YES…for every pill you receive via a prescription signed by your health care provider, that provider receives MONEY!

And quite frankly, most of the time it is not their fault. Many are not educated well enough to realize there are other methods and don’t even know other methods exist. The remaining sector is either too arrogant to admit there might be a better way or seem to just not care.


How often are these side-effects willingly disclosed? And better yet, how many times are they drastically minimized with some excuse, like the test victims were in the age group of “some number” that is totally outside of your age group?

Most of the time, in my experience, I have had to ask what the side-effects are. And usually, the answer is fluffed and skimmed over with no definite distinction about life or death.

In fact, thinking about it, I believe that not once have I been willingly offered the side-effects by my doctor about the drug being given. I have had to ask what they are. And the response, true to form is…” well, um, uh”, and then hastily a consultation with the phone provides an answer of their choosing! Sometimes the answer is vague, sometimes it is accompanied by something like “the tests were given to people in a much older age group than you” or “this only happened with 1% of the test group” or “this only happened on a full moon when the sun was in Leo and the day was rainy”!


Some Side Effects of Common Medicine

  • Do you realize that some of the side-effects of migraine medication are headaches?
  • Have you been blatantly told that one of the side-effects of an arthritis medication is cancer?
  • Do you know that some sleep medications can cause death?
  • Have you been prescribed another prescription drug to counter-act the negative side-effects of another prescribed drug…and so on?
  • Are you on several different pills? Do you know for what health issue each one is prescribed to help? Are they helping cure the problem? Even alleviate the symptoms? Are you really feeling better?

To me, all of the above information, solutions, and questions are downright scary! It should be scary to you too!


The United States of America as a country prescribes more medication than most other countries in the world, and yet, we are one of the unhealthiest. This is not logical. There is something very wrong with these statistics. It just shows that as a Nation we are going about our health completely wrong!

Into Optimal Health!

I set out to find a BETTER WAY! One that would actually make me feel better without a laundry list of negative side-effects.

Holistic, healthy, nature-produced alternatives to all these prescription drugs.

Don’t get me wrong. Some prescription medications do provide benefits. But if there is a naturally occurring supplement that does the job as well and even better AND it has very little (non-life-threatening) to no side effects, wouldn’t you be healthier and safer taking it instead?

So, I search, read, and evaluate holistic, natural supplements, vitamins, tinctures, and more. Some of the ones I write about here, my family and I actually take. All have either had or continue to have a positive impact on our health. Some are vitamins that need to be taken regularly. Some are supplements or tinctures that were taken for a specific health issue. When that health issue disappeared, the supplement was no longer needed or taken.

Imagine that…something actually worked to alleviate a symptom!

Other supplements, tinctures, etc we take at the onset of a symptom or around a seasonal problem such as with flu season.

Some of the products recommended I and my family have not personally taken. But after researching and doing my due diligence, I feel are beneficial and are provided by reputable companies. If this is the case, I point it out in my post.

About this Healthy Living Bud-e Website

It is my goal to address the broken health system within this website by making alternative health options, healthy food, supplements, and herbs along with sensible fitness avenues available to you.

As always, please consult with your health care provider before implementing any of the suggestions made on this site.

I Sincerely hope this website provides you with personally valuable alternative health options to discuss and possibly implement with your doctor.

So Here’s Holding Up a Smoothie to Toast to “Improved Health”!

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Again, to be perfectly clear, I am not prescribing any item represented on this website. I am providing information as an educational tool for you to evaluate and then discuss with your own health professional. Please do not take anything or start any health routine or regimen before discussing it with your healthcare professional.