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A Blog Platform that is a Social Site

How ingenious is this? A social media site dedicated to bloggers for blogging. Bloglovin' is designed with awesomeness in mind. As a member of Bloglovin', you can read all of your favorite blogs in one place to enhance your reading experience and to save you time. No longer do you have to continuously search through your lists of blogs, stuffed in whatever nook or cranny, to find the one you want to peruse. Now you can simply "follow" them on your personal home page! While you are reading your favorites, the bloggers who own these blogs are now having traffic sent back to their blogs, thus helping them in their search engine rankings. Bloglovin' touts an impressive 25,000,000 people per month visiting them for the purpose of discovering inspiring content that is supplied by millions of bloggers from all around the world. What a perfectly symbiotic Win-Win implementation! Just feel the LOVE!. If you have yet to discover Bloglovin', hurry up and get over there NOW! You are in for a treat. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

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