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Here’s the hard truth – only about two percent of the world’s entire population has six pack abs. And this statistic is for men. For women, it is even less!

This is one of the most difficult goals to achieve and it’s also one of the most coveted ones.

Thousands of men and women striving to create defined abs make countless mistakes.

They do tons of crunches and ab exercises but still never achieve definition. This is because of a couple of reasons:

1. Their body fat percentage is not low enough.

2. Their body fat is low, but they’re doing the wrong exercises.

All these problems lose time and makes the effort of getting definition futile. As a result, many throw in the towel.

Remind you of anything?

If this is how you feel or if you have actually given up, then you need to keep reading because for the past several years, the Truth about Abs has been extremely popular when it comes to helping not only men but women also achieve the washboard abs they so desire.

The Truth About Abs, written by Mike Geary, is the MOST successful six pack abs book ever!

So who is Mike Geary? Interestingly, he’s not a professional bodybuilder. Rather, he is just an ordinary guy who found out what works for not only himself but it also works for other men and women too!

Do you really have time to spend hours at the gym every day? Probably not, and if you do, you are taking valuable time away from another important activity or project.

And please forget about performance enhancing drugs. This is a definite health concern. One that certainly leads to major heart surgery or even death…think of Rich Piana who collapsed in his home and was placed in a medically induced coma shortly after but ultimately died or 25-year-old Sam Standerwick who died of a heart attack.

So, finding a way to get a six pack without excessive effort or steroids that literally might give you a heart attack is a challenge.

Thankfully, Mike found a few shortcuts that define and tone your abs to a six pack state without burning out at the gym.

You don’t need fantastic genetics or a gym membership.

You just need to do what the Truth About Abs tells you to and you’ll soon be sporting a six pack.

Let’s see why it’s so effective…

The Good Points

Benefit 1

Truth about Abs is over 5 years old and is still a bestseller. That proves it is effective. There is a ton of testimonials and social proof. So you can’t deny that the advice within the system works. Check out the testimonials here.

Benefit 2

Mike presents the information without the confusing bodybuilding jargon and keeps the instructions simple and easy to follow. Do this, do that, eat this, eat that so all you have to do is follow his instructions to the letter.

Benefit 3

The focus is on compound lifts which is exactly what is needed to shed stubborn pounds. These exercises allow you to effectively burn fat and expose your abs, as well as become fitter with all the different muscles in your body developing and becoming defined at a much larger scale.

Benefit 4

In addition to the metabolism boosting compound exercises, a large section of the book covers weight loss and what to do to accelerate fat loss so you get vascular enough to reveal your abs. This 2-pronged approach makes the training very effective.

Benefit 5

Truth about Abs has many photos and illustrations showing you how to execute the different exercises. You can actually see Mike doing these moves while walking the talk. So you know this is not untested theory.

Benefit 6

The ab sculpting exercises included in the training further define your abs to the point that your mid-section turns heads when you take off your shirt or wear just your sports bra or bikini.

Benefit 7

You get instant access to this product upon payment, so you can start on your ab defining journey within 10 minutes of purchase.

The Bad Points

Abs are one of the most difficult muscles to carve. This is mostly due to the fact that you need a low bodyfat percentage to reveal your abs. This means that you absolutely MUST be on a clean diet to shed the stubborn fat in order to truly show your abs in all their glory.

You need a credit/debit card to purchase this digital product.

Should You Get It?

There is NO BETTER GUIDE out there when it comes to developing abs. If you want a six pack, this book is all you need.

The principles and advice within it are golden. It’s been a bestseller for years with tons of positive customer testimonials.

In fact, the product is so successful that not only does Mike Geary have abs, he has made millions with Truth about Abs.

Get it. Apply it. DO THE WORK. See your abs pop out in defined glory. It’s that straightforward.

Start on it today.

Since Truth about Abs caters to both men and women, Mike presents the information slightly different for each. This is how thorough his information is! Please select the button below to find out more.

Truth about Abs

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