75+ Health Reasons Why You MUST Start a Positive Health Regime TODAY!

Alarmingly High Numbers of Health Conditions in the United States

Good Grief!

That list is exhausting. And quite frankly, scary. And if you or a family member suffer from any of these on the list or from the many others not included here, you are aware of the more frightening aspect of the side effects your prescription drugs might cause. Are you going to be the 1 in 100, 1 in 50, or worse 1 in 10 who become afflicted with one of the horrific side effects?

Legalities Regarding Healthy Living Bude (this website) and You

Before I go on, I want to make some things perfectly clear.

  1. I never advocate stopping taking medically prescribed drugs.
  2. I am telling you to consult with your doctor about any new supplement, vitamin, herb, therapy, and other health suggestions on this website BEFORE you start any of them.
  3. I am not a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, or any other medically related professional.
  4. All information on this website is for informational purposes to provide you with possible options to help your condition. It is up to you and your doctor to decide if any of these are right for you and as a result of undertaking these suggestions whether you should stop taking your prescribed drugs.
  5. The writings on this website are my own opinions and the information provided comes from my own personal experiences and/or research about the topic.

Please regard the above five points with sincerity and practice them for your own safety and optimal health.

Do You Have an Open Mind?

Some of the information on this site is controversial. Some are new findings and others have been practiced for hundreds of years.

There is an abundance of information about holistic medicine, positive and negative, to digest.

Do not be fanatical about traditional or holistic medicine. Take a “down the middle of the road” approach.

For example, if you were to get pneumonia, you should take a prescribed antibiotic as well as a prescribed anti-fungal. In addition to these prescriptions, you should also take natural holistic supplements of probiotics and acidophilus along with Kombucha to keep your intestinal flora in check. Why? To find out check the information about yeast and how it harms your body.

And you must consult with your physician to avoid possible allergic reactions and/or incompatibilities between the prescribed and holistic medicines.


Keep Your Health Balanced

Balance in treating any health issue is key. You need to understand what prescription drugs are beneficial with the least amount of side effects. You also need to understand that nature provides some potent alternatives to some of the drugs prescribed today. Sometimes a natural holistic homeopathic solution can do more than a prescribed drug with many scary side effects.

Do YOUR HOMEWORK when it comes to your health and mental well-being.

If Your ECS Is Suffering from CED, Then CBD Can Help

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