You Don’t Have to Like It, But You Need to Exercise for Fitness and Health

If you like exercising, and yes there are people who really get into the pain and sweat, then this will give you some additional ideas to add to your exercise routine.

But if you don’t like exercising and really have a hard time motivating yourself (it’s a conundrum), then the two ways to exercise presented here might just be “easy” enough for you.

If exercising is a hard concept for you to get your head around, then you need either

  • an exercise routine that is beneficial while being relatively short from “Start to Finish”, or
  • an exercise routine that is calming, easy for beginners to advanced participants, and is beneficial for your health all in one package.

Have I piqued your interest…at least enough for you to read further and give one or both of the following exercise routines a try?

Yes. GREAT! Let’s go…

Burst Fitness Routine

This can be done in the comfort of your own home, at the school track, in the park, even around your neighborhood (if the streets are not busy!).

It entails high-intensity bursts of an exercise followed by a slower paced related exercise. For example, let’s go to the park with the dog. Walk through the curves on the path, then full out sprint on the straight sections. Repeat this behavior for each at 20-second intervals for a total of 30 to 40 minutes.


Don’t think yoga provides a great workout. I challenge you to read more about it and then give it a try. Yoga is great for a number of different reasons you need to exercise, including but not limited to losing weight, toning muscles, flexibility, and more.


I add meditation here because it helps with that “getting your head wrapped around exercising as a routine” thing I referred to earlier.

It also helps to manage high blood pressure, stress, and sleep disorders.