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These FREE health summits, covering a variety of health topics, are available online for a certain number of days. During this timeframe, the health package is also available to purchase at discounted prices, should you decide to buy.

How It Works

As the summit progresses, the price goes up incrementally. So for example, days 1 through X you can buy at the most discounted price. Days X+1 through Y you can buy at a higher price than previously but still at a discount.  Once the summit ends, the free videos are no longer available but they are still available as online packages, at a higher purchase price.

1 Week of Professional Health Advice – FREE

These summits are invaluable. The guest speakers are experts and influencers in fields that are beneficial and helpful to the summit topic. You receive this health information, even if you choose not to purchase. These awesome discussions from leading experts in alternative medicine practices are top in the industry.

I attended two:

Both were very informative, providing information, causes, and solutions. The guest speakers were very knowledgeable about their topics. The interaction and answers to questions are sincere and thorough. I don’t think any questions were left unanswered. Presentations are modern and in-depth.

These are very professional, well-organized health presentations.

Have a look and sign up for FREE!

UpComing Summits

Live NOW: November 9 – 15, 2020

Event: Parasympathetic Summit

Learn to unlock inner calm so you can heal & thrive!

It’s time to learn how to turn off the stress response and turn on your body’s ability to heal. Join this summit to learn proven techniques that improve vagal tone, balance your nervous system and help set the stage for optimum health and well-being!

Learn about the health effects of stress. In this summit you are shown how you can turn on your body’s ability to heal, detox effectively, increase energy, and protect against emotional toxicity.

Learn how to activate your body’s ability to heal.

Finished Summits You Can Still Access

Event: Reclaim Your Body Summit 2019

Discover why you keep gaining lost weight back.

Do you know what triggers your bad eating habits?

If you want to find answers to why you are a yo-yo dieter and how to sustain healthy eating habits throughout the rest of your life, Reclaim Your Body Summit has the answers.

Event: Thyroid Reset Summit 2019

The MOST common and MOST misdiagnosed autoimmune issues. Check out this video:

Then, go check out The Thyroid Reset Summit, if you want to better understand thyroid conditions that continue to impact tens of millions worldwide.

Join us to reset back to healthy!

Event: Perimenopause Summit 2019

Have you been told you have to settle for dull moods, foggy brains, flabby bellies, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and bone loss so commonly accepted with getting older?

Well, you don’t. There are natural, effective, and easily implemented solutions to balance your hormones and help your body care for itself—at ANY age! Find out how to get started with this video:

Take back control of your body and arm yourself with sound medical advice to discuss with your health care provider. Do it Now!